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Stone of the Month

Atlantian Record Keeper Crystals...

Atlantian (Atlantean) Record Keeper Crystals

[record keeper triangles identify them]

Record Keeper crystals are difficult to find, and even when you have one, it can be difficult to discern that it is indeed an Atlantian Record Keeper. Fortunately they are all marked. The mark is sometimes hard to see, but it is always there. It is one or more small triangles (trigons) on one of the faces of the crystal. Sometimes they are indented, sometimes raised, but always an upward pointing triangle. When you find a crystal with such a mark, you have a Record Keeper.

Record Keeper crystals are wonders.  They are understood to be the containers for the compiled wisdom of the wise men and women of Atlantis.  Each Atlantian (Atlantean) Record Keeper seems to contain different knowledge and to provide unique understanding of basic universal truths.  However, use of the Record Keepers takes a bit of practice, and not all of them seem to contain either understanding or knowledge, at least that we can currently understand. 

At other times, a crystal seems to have a simple, direct message that multiple users seem to decipher as about the same message. 

Atlantian (Atlantean) Record Keeper Crystals do not give up their messages and wisdom easily or quickly.  They require both time and dedication, but many offer astounding insights into the reality of our existence as a form of the Universal Life Force and our relationships with beings of other energy and light levels.


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