Josephine has worked with the healing properties of stones and crystal for the past sixteen years. It was one of her customers that said to her " You are like a Stone Muse" and the name felt right. Since then she stepped into that energy and inspires others to work with the healing properties of the stones. She has used those stones in her healing jewelry and created some amazing jewelry over the years. Her jewelry has been featured in The CBS TV Show The Ghost Whisperer 1st and 2nd Sessions. Along with thousands of pieces of jewelry custom designed. Over the years she has worked with her customers to find the right healing stones for them to help them on their journeys. She calls this "Your Journey Stones" She is now offering a 20 minute free stone consultation in person by appointment or over the phone.

You can contact her by Phone at 562-999-6711

or Email at

The Stone Muse new studio is inside

The Dragonfly Market in Fremont, CA at

4071 Bay St, Fremont, CA, 94544